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The Database, The What?

I have been asked a large number of questions about the databases I use here. So here is a post with more information.

Lets burst the first myth. There is actually only one database, there are a number of systems, many of them web based and quite a few spreadsheets that also work to keep my office and The Trade House running.

The main database “TheBase” is based on Microsoft technologies and weighs in at 4GB in size. “TheBase” was heavily restructured just over a year ago, but some parts of this system date back to 1996! That’s not just the information inside it but its code and data structures too!

“TheBase has been continually improved and updated and has served eight companies very well indeed and is still providing sterling service every day. Completely GDPR complaint it is still as relevant a system today as it was in 1996. It is backed up securely and off-site and uses sophisticated security to keep data safe and secure.

How about we break this down a bit more and pop it all into bite-sized pieces.

  • Over 7,000 contact companies
  • 8 internal companies
  • Over 31,000 contacts
  • 5 email mailing lists. The largest one has 5,000 members and grows every month.
  • Over 200 projects
  • Over 3,000 invoices
  • Over 10,000 expenses
  • Over 1,000 support tickets
  • Over 3,000 consultancy leads worth over £7.5 Million
  • Over £1.7 billion of business and property opportunities
  • Over 400 Assets
  • Over 35,000 notes, appointments and tasks
  • Links to over 2000 documents
  • Over 300 contracts and associated legal documents
  • Over 3000 products
  • Details on 90 managed websites.
  • 13 Magazine issues
  • 200 pieces of content

I often consider other systems and have a web based CRM specifically for one particular business but I always come back to “TheBase”. I don’t know how much time I have spent developing this system but as a total I know it is not a lot and it just keeps working!