Court Guinness Update September 2019

An update from Court Guinness.

In May 2019 I announced a full retirement. I must take this opportunity to thank every one for their messages of support. I was taken aback by the large number of messages asking me to keep The Trade House Magazine and other parts of The Trade House going. I will make an update statement on The Trade House soon.

Full retirement this time round has been as the boredom no longer bites like it used to, however it still does bite.

The breakage list is low still and apart of a near crash on my mobility scooter last week there is little to report. I think the traffic island came off worse! Health wise things are steadily getting worse, but, hey we knew this was going to happen.

This coming week marks one year since I left London. Warwickshire and its quieter pace suit me well and I shall not be returning on a full time basis. London seems to have seriously gone to the dogs. I seems cannot go a day or so with hearing of a stabbing, a burglary, car theft or a child of a friend being attacked and this is sad. So much so that my regular visits back to London are becoming fewer and further between. Please spare a thought for Thames Valley Police as they now have less opportunity to profit from issuing me with speeding tickets! I will be back this week for a visit and a social. My next visit will be around Christmas time.

This website is still attracting a large number of visitors every month and the large number of readers and regular readers is comparable month on month with the past 2 years.

That’s all for now folks!