I took my eye off the ball there

Since full retirement I have largely ignored my Slideshare portfolio.

Slideshare is an excellent publishing tool and I am a big fan of it. I only checked my statistics today for the first time since May 2019. I no longer use the platform with the regularity I used to as I do not need to since full retirement. I was amazed to see that the graphic below has received 4646 views since it was released over a year ago. The graphic is hardly a thing a beauty and could hardly be described as my best bit of marketing, publishing or graphics!

This graphic is one of these things that has evolved over the years and should have had a massive overhaul a long, long time ago instead of just updated here and there in a bodged fashion. I would never have expected to gain a readership heading close to the 5,000 mark.

So anyway checks were made and there is no evidence whatsoever of anything being awry with the Slideshare platform. Some things on the infographic no longer apply and even the contact details are now 12 months out of date as the dotcom domain arrived precisely a year ago today!

Thank you all for reading.

Postscript:I am often asked if I will return to publishing and the answer is that hopefully at some stage I will be fit enough or I will be in a position to make publishing work despite my health as I would like to but I do think it is highly unlikely.