The 9 Month Update

So its just shy of 9 months since I cane out of a coma and had to “retire”. Well all those who have kept up at the back will know that I adjusted that to semi-retirement and either sold or closed down most of my business interests. I will talk more about that later in this update. 

Health wise I now use a mobility scooter full time.  Yes. It has had some customisation work already and more is planned! After a disaster with a wheelchair (Yes, I crashed it a number of  times!)  I can delightfully inform people that, yes, i have crashed it and that it was a van driver’s fault and not mine. I am also more and more reliant on my oxygen tanks. I really ought to become a shareholder in Gox!  Some of the side effects of the hospital stay have added to my growing list of ailments too, which has slowed up my recovery. The events of February and March 2018 really screwed things up.

A house move half way up the country nearly two months ago went rather well and the new house can now be called a home. Nothing was broken and nothing went missing. The only downside being having to do the final “lift and shift” in the pouring rain! I can also safely say that I have learned more of the nuances of the M40 especially those involving the traffic cops. I had half expected to be running up and down the M40 between Warwickshire and London very frequently but this has yet to happen at the frequency I had expected with only one “emergency dash” so far!

No update would be complete without discussing work. I have discussed in the past how happy I am that I did not finally fully retire.  I think I have got this part time working lark sorted. I believe it has helped my recovery. I know that since April I have yet to work more than 30 hours a week and the maximum should be 25. This is certainly much better than my previous 60 – 70+ hours a week.

I must issue a domain reminder. and are now closed. You must use

The Trade House is doing well. The magazine is currently growing (straight line average at 17% per month. The end of year special will be published soon and you can read the latest issue below.

The Trade Counter continues to have products added and we now sell on Facebook too. I will  be pushing FundOne and FundTwo on The Trade Suite in 2019. The 2018 campaign for these two was surprisingly rather slow. The Trade Desk has been publicly launched and is starting to tick along nicely. I have branded some other easy-to-deliver services under  the Trade House banner too. This website has had a large number of updates and there are also new micro sites offering other targeted tools including a new communications platform.

That’s all for now 🙂