The Trade House – Structure Detail

 Please see the chart below for details on our individual channels and the roles that they play.

Trade House GroupThe group UmbrellaLive
The Trade House MagazineA business magazine dedicated to small businessesTrade House GroupLive
The Trade CounterA shop for small businesses to procure goods to sell in their businessesTrade House GroupLive
The Trade LoungeA social side to doing businessTrade House GroupLive
The Trade SuiteThe Investment activities and board appointments of Cout GuinnessTrade House GroupLive
The Trade DeskTelephone and web based deal matching service for small businessesTrade House GroupLive
Trade PartnersOur Partner ProgramTrade House GroupLive
Trade ProductsOur cloud and other home grown productsTrade House GroupLive
Trade SentinelConfidential lead registration for  confidential dealsThe Trade House MagazineLive
AdvertisingAdvertising in The Trade House MagazineThe Trade House MagazineLive
Advertising Design ServiceA design srvice for advertisements in The Trade House MagazineThe Trade House MagazineLive
Virtual OfficeA virtual office service for small businessesTrade ProductsLive
Personal CloudA slim version of Our Virtual Office Product for sole traders and individualsTrade ProductsLive
Partner ProgramOur Partner Program for very large companies that wish to partner with us to grow business and salesTrade PartnersLive
Representative ProgramOur program for individuals, small businesses an sole traders who wish to represent The Trade House on a regional basis.Trade PartnersLive
Associate ProgramFor small businesses to grow through our network of clientsTrade PartnersLive
The Trade MachineComing Soon – Our incubation and development engineTrade House GroupComing Soon
The Trade LibraryOur IPR and Tools repositoryTrade House GroupLive
The Trade RoomComing Soon – Our Consulltancy OfferingTrade House GroupComing Soon
Trade FiguresComing Soon. Secret. In development. Due end of 2019Trade House GroupComing Soon
Fund OneOur general fund. Closes end 02/2019The Trade SuiteLive
Fund TwoOur receuitment sector fund. Closes end 03/2019The Trade SuiteLive