Formal Retirement Notice

On 13/03/2018 Court Guinness announced his retirement from his most of his active business interests and announced that on health grounds he was retiring from business life after a health related incident left him in a parlous position in hospital on 18/02/2018. This decision was taken after discussion with his partner, key business colleagues and his medical consultants.

On 22/03.2018 Court Guinness left hospital and commenced the process of the winding up or the closing of most of his business affairs.

At the time of writing (24/03/2018) Some business interests have been closed down. The Weekly Deals Free Sheet is the only business interest that is being kept.

Court will continue to update this website on a regular basis.

It is highly unlikely that Court will return to active business aside of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet and has started making plans to embrace and enjoy his retirement as much as his health will allow him.

More details and information will be posted on a regular basis on these pages. If you require to be “kept in the loop” with regards to progress of the closure or winding down of Court’s business interests it might be an idea to subscribe to this website or to visit this site again regularly.