Bad Weather Update :: Snow :: 10/12/2017 – Updated

Please see below for a service update on 10/12/2017 13:07

Updated 19:40 10/12/2017

Services/Products Affected: Personal Cloud, Virtual Office, 10/12/2017 – For 24 hours.

Level: Amber

I am seeing higher levels of load on all instances of Personal Cloud and Virtual Office. This is no doubt due to the poor weather conditions. This being monitored hourly. Extra server resources may be deployed and some service disruption (<10 minutes) may occur later today. A further bulletin will be issued if this is the case. – NO ACTION REQUIRED.

Services/Products Affected: Site Visits 10/12/2017 For 24 hours.

Level: Amber

Site visits scheduled for 11/12/2017 may be cancelled or rescheduled at short notice owing to poor weather and travel conditions. ANY SCHEDULE CHANGES WILL BE NOTIFIED AT 07:00 11/12/2017.

Court Guinness General Office Operations

Level: Green

All other office functions are acting as normally expected.

Business Continuity


Level: Green

No Business Continuity Plan execution expected