So Three Sunday Puzzlers…..

So I have just spent the past few hours flicking through the news channels and social media.

I have come across three things that puzzle, amaze and surprise.

  1. Selling the house to fund and run a social media channel – Link

    This was a big surprise when I read it. A new social media outlet would be a good thing and I think specialist social media outlets do have a good and relevant place as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are too generic in my opinion. I really  hope that the family  can make a success of this venture. I really do. I think they deserve it from reading the article. The problem I have with social media networks is that Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter have basically nabbed most of the market and it appears difficult for new networks to break that stranglehold. For example I know of some business based social networking websites and none of them are as big as those three.I have pondered in the past what sort of venture would overtake one of the top three and what it would look like. Thing is, I cannot see it being done anytime soon. I do hope this website succeeds.

  2. Social Media Incident Alerting – Link

    I saw the Red Zone app advertised on my Facebook feed earlier. I like this app. Again something I think deserves to do well. Its basically social notification of incidents combined with data from crime figures and alerts people to where thefts have occurred for example and has a social aspect where people can log incidents on my iPad it also displays some traffic info. It managed to alert me to a speed camera near my house when I installed it. I previously did not know this camera existed and when I popped out for a packet of cigarettes I walked past the location and lo and behold, said camera. regular readers who are drivers will be very aware of the Waze app, which I like and I think in time this app will have its rightful place alongside Waze as a must have app. Indeed I have just pondered what would happen if these two apps were combined. I think it would be amazing. The key thing here is that I am not convinced of the level of supplied data from official sources regarding crime, especially the data near my home and at another location I am very familiar with. I would have expected more notifications of these events than there is. Again I reaally think this app deserves to do well.

  3. New Electric Car With a Twist – Link

    Now I like my cars, the Solo from Electra Meccanica (see link above) looks like a nifty bit of kit from what I can see of it. Sure, the Tofino is a bit “more my style”. I am though a little confused with the pricing for the Solo. Bear in mind that the pricing is for the American Market, but things are a little confusing, though I can understand some things such as $400 for heated seats. Get the exchange rate in and it equates to what is charged for heated seats by manufacturers vending in this country. That bit is fine. Where I get really confused is where you select the charging option. You see its $500 for a charger, now I could be missing something here. However no one buys a kettle, a hairdryer or a mobile phone and expects to pay extra for a charger or mains lead (unless you are me and keep losing mobile phone chargers!). This does strike me as odd. Again I might be missing something, I couldnt find anything on the website. I would like to see these cars come to the UK, though.