Rainloop? What? Sounds like something from a 1990’s rave dosen’t it. Fear not, we are not returning to the 1990’s. The rainloop in question is a very good web based email client I have been using for the past few weeks.

Rainloop is a very fast, very secure and highly configurable web based email client. It is also highly secure. I deployed this 3 weeks ago mainly for testing purposes for my Virtual Office Product set. Thing is. It passed testing with such flying colours I removed the roundcube email client from my intranet! I offer Squirrel and Roundcube clients as part of thee product set and this Rainloop from my testing has a lighter footprint, faster load and also handle multiple domains on the same client. I am very, very impressed with this product as well. Security is excellent too. Configuration is an absolute doddle also.

The Rainloop team have done a fantastic job here and I must say I do look forward to commending this product most warmly to my clients. For those of you who use Owncloud or Nextcloud there is a lovely Rainloop integration available from the app repositories of bothΒ . This is an excellent bonus and another feather in Rainloop’s cap in my opinion. I have had some issues with email integration apps for Owncloud in the past and this works straight from the download only requiring the usual configuration data that any email client anywhere would need to be able to operate. The same goes for Nextcloud.

The final bonus is the documentation. Detailed, punchy to the point, not overbearing to read with high quality relevant information really easy to find πŸ™‚

I am very pleased with Rainloop and I wish the team and the product continued success for the future.

It gets Five stars from me!

The Rainloop website is here

PS: Any Virtual Office customers interested in knowing more should raise a ticket.