Lots of NHS traffic to this website in the past 36 hours!

Thanks to all the users on the NHS network who have been visiting this site over the past 36 hours all, 400 so far of them. I do like receiving lots of traffic here. This spike will help the all important visitor figures at month end. Thank you again 🙂 You see the monitoring systems on this website record the every move of every visitor and everything about the device and network they are using. I think this surge is down to NHS administrators to be fair and not medical or nursing staff. Medical and Nursing staff would not have enough time on their hands. Two things though chaps and chapesses. Firstly if you don’t have any work to other than visit this website don’t act like you are working perhaps try getting a proper job. I hear Asda are looking for shelf stackers, that position should be about your level. Secondly you see the popular content widget at the bottom of the page. Well that widget works out the most clicked on content over the past 5 days and displays a list. You boys and girls have made the posts on here about the NHS more visible, not only to site visitors and there are many but also to search engines as well. Anyway I need to get back to work and so should you. Lots of love and kisses xxxx