OwnCloud V NextCloud

Many readers will know that in the past I have been a massive fan of OwnCloud. It is a self hosted file sharing and storage solution that works well and at one point was eating Dropbox for breakfast in terms of interface, extensibility and security. Last year things changed a little bit. You see the product morphed into two taking some of the brains behind Owncloud with it to another generation called NextCloud. I won’t go into the details but from what I have read about it this action seems to me to have been acrimonious to say the least. I offer both products within my Virtual Office product line. So where do I sit exactly? Well Owncloud does seem to have stagnated somewhat and I do think it is now a stable product. However, I have not seen any updates in a while and with the way that hosted solutions need to be kept up to date it is a small concern of mine. Next cloud on the other hand seems to be updating and improving reasonably regularly and is also adding lots of nice functionality as it goes. In time it could become a defacto choice for the Virtual Office! But, back to updating both products have had a history of some flaky update packages which have required some administration time to fix in the past. Indeed I had some issues the other week with some Nextcloud updates for clients of my Virtual Office product. This does need to change and quite rapidly in my opinion. I am pleased to note that all of my clients were happy with the update process I adopted and a lack of downtime for them. The way the hosted cloud solution markets’ customer expectation is changing flaky updates need to become a thing of the past quite rapidly. I have warmed to Nextcloud and whilst I have an active demo of Owncloud for customers. Nextcloud is now my day to day tool. I look forward to seeing the product develop further and I do also that hope Owncloud doesn’t fall into the abyss as it does not deserve to. So we have a winner in Nextcloud. 🙂 For more information on my Virtual Office product please click here.