Oh Well. That’s London Screwed Then…

So the “lovely” Cressida Dick has been appointed as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. I am not happy about this. The Metropolitan Police have in my opinion been bereft of decent and proper leadership for a long time and this has filtered down to what in my opinion is a shambolic police force from top to bottom. I have had first hand experience of police ineptitude, poor attitude and as for inappropriate police behaviour and wasting police time within their own ranks, well.. If you want evidence of this, just look at the group of officers that decide to stop off at coffee shops whilst on duty in South West London. I have more available. This appointment does change this in my view.

It is those of us that live and work in London that get the bum deal here. We do not have a protection agency that can do their job properly. In my opinion a large number of police officers do not deserve to wear the badges that they do. This is a bad thing for Londoners. However things get worse. You see this appointment is made by government ministers. I know what this tells me, I wonder what it tells other readers of these pages..

I haven’t even touched on Cressida’s controversy over the incident nearly 12 years ago at Stockwell Tube Station and to be fair this is a part of the problem but it does show weaknesses and a lack of ability in correct leadership in my opinion.

Simply the Police in London do not appear to do their job properly and rely on goodwill and sympathy from certain quarters, whilst really seeming to take pleasure in letting down those taxpayers, who provide the not inconsiderable budget for them to operate and pay their wages.

In my view what this means for London strategically really remains to be seen, but I do think that things do not bode well with this appointment.