Self Hosted Apps. Why Am I A Fan?

I have been running self apps for years, including some “bastardisations” of popular apps, especially WordPress and Joomla, mainly acting as corporate intranets. These can be a nice solution if you are in a hurry to deploy and intranet by the way.

Any way as is nearly usual for me for a Friday night. I was sat in my local pub enjoying a few pints of Abbott with some friends when the self hosted debate came up. We went through the usual cost discussion. I only spend Β£100 per year for all the apps can I can host and all the users I need to be on them instead of paying “freemium” subscriptions for services and not really getting the value.

We went through the effort and security arguments. There really is not that much effort on my part to keep this little lot up to date and my security is a lot better than some well known, especially email services I can name. There is also the flexibility angle here too.

If you care about your own security or suddenly feel the need to take security of information you hold, for example about staff. Self Hosted apps should be worthy of your consideration.

I will be writing more about self hosted apps soon, especially ones I use or have used in this section.

However here something I found earlier today that deserves to do really, really well.

Trigger HappyΒ is a clone of IFTTT, which is a bridge app. I have had a play and I have to say I like Trigger Happy a lot. It needs more integrations within it as things stands today but I do look forward to seeing this app grow and develop. I will share more about my endeavours with Trigger Happy here when I can. If you want to automate Tasks on your telephone or tablet either Trigger Happy or IFTTT are worth a look πŸ™‚