Let’s all do a Donald!

So our little old teflon haired friend has been on the executive order juice since he gained power. He has been behaving like the absolute plonker I feared he would. Hell his executive order on immigration has even ensured that one of the UK’s most decorated athletes Sir Mo Farah has become potentially caught up in the entire fiasco. I personally know of other people in the USA, good, intelligent people who are panicking. This is not good. These people have more letters after the name than Donald Trump ever will. He has implemented some thing on the quick with no real thought in my opinion and well further on my opinion I do personally wonder how much of the white powder he enjoys. At the time of writing the FCO has said that the ban does not apply to most UK nationals potentially caught up, but this does not in my opinion fix or solve the problem. The big thing here is that he was allowed to do it in the first place. Oh and don’t get me started on walls. If I had enough clout and was petty enough I would prevent American businesses and those that employ American senior executives from doing business with me. I really would. I already run a PSL of sorts for business purposesand the stance I am taking may well mean that I consider changes when contracts are due for renewal. However this will not do much. It will only be the smallest drop in the ocean. However if a large enough group of people had the same idea, then, maybe, just maybe….. Any way for me Trump is still a teflon haired twat who could do with euthanising. Thats all for now 😃😃😃