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More bottle than United Dairies!

As a self confessed petrol head I do like hear of quality drives and missions involving cars, especially when they seem like doomed ideas and they come good. Those of my generation can certainly consider “The Liver Run” as a shining example (Google it if you haven’t heard about it. Its an amazing feat of driving. Another amazing feat of driving was passed to me this morning by the Aronline website. My thanks to Keith Adams as always for writing these excellent nuggets of content that I enjoy reading and sometime blogging about.
Anyway over 20 years ago, a journalist buys a Morris Marina for £190 in Loot (anyone remember Loot?)  and drives to Bosnia. What he did in Bosnia and how get got out of it is one amazing story against all the odds. I won’t spoil the story so please click on the link below to read it all.
I think you will agree once you have read the article that both man and machine had “more bottle than United Dairies”!