The Christmas Rush That No One Talks About…

Many people think of the Christms rush as one of two things either the rush to buy presents for the children, spouses or close relatives and loved one or the 100 to 200 mile dash on the motorway on Christmas Eve to be with family in some far flung destination to spend the festive season with them. The rush I am talking about here happens shortly after the turkey has been eaten and the festive brandy bottle well and truly emptied. Intermingled with a desire to get the best deals from the sales that start on boxing day is a rush of strategic thought that happens throughout the land as many people start to think about the coming new year. Many people are taking enforced holiday and many others will use up some of their holiday entitlement between Christmas and New Year. Everything is quiet between Christmas and New Year unless you work in retail, hospitality or public service. This gives many people a chance to think and set goals and targets for the coming year. Being based in South West London it is interesting when out and about the numerous wide, open and pleasant spaces we have at our availability such as Richmond Park to see many couples walking together and talking in very hushed tones. These people are talking about change for the coming year. A classic example happened a few years ago, when CityLink went bust on Christmas Day leaving lots of franchisees in the lurch over the festive season. This was an exception to the rule but it does exacerbate my following points and put a piqued perspective on them. There was an abnormal increase on what happens. What happens after all of this thinking and talking that I have outlined above is a lot of internet searching and googling. People are researching and creating strategies for the following for the new year.

  • Business Opportunities
  • Businesses For Sale
  • New Jobs
  • Property Opportunities
  • New homes to purchase
  • Franchises
  • Dealership Opportunities

This is why it is important for me as a commercial property broker and business broker to be able to gain easy access to these peoples researching at this time of year. I see a massive spike in internet searches leading to my website and a massive surge in downloads and views of The P2 List Winter edition at this time of year more than any other. This years edition will be my biggest and brightest yet with lots of business opportunities and some very well written features to get right to the heart of this slient christmas rush and to serve this market well with good quality business opportunities and services. Any business that seeks to network with this market would to well to look at this time of year seriously, especially in areas associated with new business and property. I am looking forward to networking with this sector this year and will be on call over the perios between Christmas and New Year. If anyone would like assistance in networking within this Christmas rush or would like and other assistance please use the form below to ccontact me. I have a lot of data on this that I can share. Thank you for reading. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]