My Favourite Hospital Gets Its Comeupance At Last

So I am sitting watching the BBC London news in my man cave/office, when the subject of St Georges Hospital in Tooting comes up. I listen intently. It  appears they have been now rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commision failing on leadership and safety and that special measures have been recommended for improvement.
Many readers will be aware of my failing health, many readers will be aware that I have written fequently about my run ins with this hospital and its staff. I feel that this judgement is a long time coming and a case of a little too late. I have been saying that St Georges is crap for years.
I am however grateful to the Care Quality Commision for their report and would like to take this opportunity to invite the inspectors involved in the creation of this report to lunch to thank them for their dilligence.
Now maybe St Georges will get to a position where it is not routinely putting lives at risk as they do so frequently. Remember St Georges, I have a lot of evidence of this.
Indeed hopefully soon South West Londons’ residents of failing health will soon start to receive the hospital that they deserve and desperately need.