Heathrow it is then :(

So the decision has been made to give Heathrow another runway. Some comementators are already suggesting it may never be built. I hope it never is for all the aggravation it will cause. They should have expanded Gatwick, this will have caused Heathrow to change within its own parameters to create a better,  more efficient Heathrow. This is called competetion and it is what Heathrow Airport needs. I do think Gatwick can provide this competition.
I have spent so much time in both airports as a frequent flyer and in my opinion Heathrow has to improve itself by changing what it already has. 5 terminals and they really cannot get an airport right for a customer.
Gatwick needs a kick up the bum and new runways would give Gatwick that. Gatwick can do better. They do well for their customer but need to get the builders in!
What angers me even more is the land take at Heathrow for a new runway and the disruption that will be caused to the M25 during construction. I do feel very sorry for the people that will lose their homes, speaking as someone who lives in the path of CrossRail 2 and may have to lose their home as a result, I can both empathise and sympathise with them at this time.
So many people on so many levels are against Heathrow expansion including high level politicians.
In my opinion another botched government decision at the highest level.