The Most Dangerous Bank

Deutsche Bank has been heavily in the headlines in the past 24 hours or so as many figures in the City and far beyond are worried about its financial health. Some say the bank will have to call on German State-aid. Some say they will have to have a fire sale of assets. Deutsche as I have found myself have had some weird ways of doing things and some in the know, that I know say they still do. The way they get rid of people for example is the stuff of folklore and legend, especially, so they tell me in the London offices. However it is this one headline that caught my eye especially. “You Can’t Compare Deutsche Bank To Lehman” Actually, you can and you cannot. This worse than Lehman, far worse baecuse it means that if Deutsche goes down then the very big lessons from Lehman have not been learned by anyone. Remember Lehman were too big to fail. The position as Deutsche bank looks terrible, I think it is. Some commentators say they can pull out if it. I think its passed that point now and we shall have to see what happens. It is sad that yet another large prganisation and its people have taken the “we are too big to fail approach”. This is sad, becuase it means no one has learnt ffrom the last financial crisis. This is the most worrying point here. Individuals have not learned the lessons and broought those into the corporate culture. Whatever happens the run up to christmas will be a very intersting one for thoose who are observing Deutsche Bank. I do wonder how long it will take though for their intternal marketing spin doctors to blame this on ubiquitous “Brexit”!