The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs is a documentary series on the BBC in England. In the programme a doctor Called Chris Van Tulleken takes over a part of a doctors surgery in Chingford, North East London and offers drug free medical treatment. I found him and his first episode a little scary. In this episode he prescribed a James Bond DVD instead of antibiotics! for the love of Mary! I am disabled I suffer from severe osteo arthritis, menieres disease and a few other things, his methods will never work for me and thats a fact! I tuned in to the second episode with an open mind. I was shocked by the way the goaded a young woman with depression on a Skype chat with psycho clap trap. This got me angry. The way he then attempted to counsel a woman who suffers from chronic pain and his quite frankly belittling and patronising attitude in both episodes finally got my rage. He in my opinion wasn’t bordering on dangerous he was openly dangerous. Chris Van Tulleken says he is a doctor and a scientist. Who ever employs Chris should really consider Chris’ P45. I would also consider sending the chaps in white coats round to visit him. Mr Chris Van tulleken you are dangerous individual. Let us now move onto the doctors surgery in Chingford. Let us be clear here. Allowing Chris into your surgery with his dangerous ideas were neither your best decision nor your finest hour. I hope that in time that you rebuild the patient trust that you must have lost by agreeing to invite Chris into your professional environment. Let us lastly turn to the BBC. You can the most popular car show by over castigating a presenter who punched someone. You then show this dangerous clap trap, you clearly only want to annoy TV licence payers. On that note can you refund me my licence fee please as you have clearly shown me that you cannot be trusted to spend my hard earned money responsibly by broadcasting bollocks like this.