Where have 30 years gone?

My thanks to Keith Adams and the aronline team for signposting me to this one. I am amazed that it has been 30 years since the Rover 800 car hit the streets. I spent most of the mid 90’s inside one of these. It says a lot for the old adage “time flys”. These were a very good car in my opinion. A fast but docile executive express. Indeed it spent a lot of its life on the M1 motorway between London and Sheffield and knew the road well. Often you felt like the car wanted to be driven more and driven harder and when it came to hard driving it was certainly no shirker. Very, very comfortable often delivering me still feeling fresh and alert after many a 200 mile slog. On many occasions it acted as a high speed removal van, moving me and the entire contents of my flat around the country as i moved to pastures new. A faithful friend as well, the 140 bhp 2.0 litre engine pulling the car along at a fair lick. I remember one night taking the Longmoor roundabout at a stupid speed in one of these all the time it remained composed and extracted me from “the merde” by delivering me to my destination and the pile of crap I had awaiting me in a very respectable time indeed. Impressive as well aand designed to impress, some might say an image builder. Another of my favourites with one of these was arriving at an office building at 08:30 one morning, parking up outside reception and walking in and announcing myself to the front desk. The lovely receptionist asked me if my chauffeur was waiting for me. I said I had driven myself. Her response was, “I assumed by the car, that you didn’t drive yourself!” So thirty years on I still have good and very fond memories of these motors.