High Profile Substance Missuse

The tabloid press love this stuff don’t they? You name a Z-List celebrity and the chances are they have been splashed across the tabloids for smoking a joint or snorting cocaine. Even Royals can’t escape this one as Prince Harry found out. The tabloid press however must have missed a trick with this mornings papers and possibly even tomorrow mornings front pages. The question is this? How much is Theresa May snorting or smoking at the moment? Last Night it was Boris Johnson’s appointment as Foreign Secretary. I’m sorry he is a buffoon and not a statesman. Good as London Mayor and great fun. According on the sat nav on my phone I was once breaking the speed limit in Hyde Park on one of his bikes! That’s about it for Boris. So begs the first of the what was Theresa May on when she made the appointment questions? It starts to get better. Amber Rudd as Home Secretary. Amber who?? We can park this one there! Lets move onto education. I take a great interest as a father on what is going on in the education world. The education system in this country has been particularly unblessed by countless worthless secretaries of state. Theresa did get rid of Nicky Morgan though. I will judge Justine Greening on her actions but she does seem a bit wet for the role. Now we move onto health. Regular readers know that at times I can heavily berate the healthcare system in this country on these pages. However today’s announcement that Jeremy Hunt is still in position is the biggest indicator yet that Theresa May is on drugs. This is a man that wrote a book on privatising the NHS, has annoyed and driven junior doctors and their unions alike to hell and back and has been an absolute “banker” around the negotiating table. Come on Jeremy Hunt is even cockney rhyming slang for C**T! We are still waiting to see who takes up other important posts. The post of business secretary is one I will be particularly interested in. In the team time if the drugs squad have nothing to do I suggest they nip round to 10 downing street and bag some easy arrests!