OK St Georges Hospital – Its High Noon Now!

What on God’s Earth are you playing at? I thought you were getting better after the 2013 debacle and had learned your lessons. Obviously not. I thought you were not on a par with Kingston Hospital for fraud and Professional misconduct. Obviously not.
The other week you even had someone cleaning and doing a good job of it. Or was this marketing bluster designed to disguise professional shortcomings.
Your ENT Department can be considered a shambles. I have had the displeasure of dealing with them recently. Your David Selvadurai was deeply unpleasant individual who does not let people speak or answer direct questions and is more interested in private work, public speaking and drawing posters according to his website. Next I am sent to see Raouf Chobbaci who is not a specialist on any issues I have but a paediatric specialist in cleft palate! What the holy fuck! You cannot make this up. I am also amazed that this gentleman can concurrently work at so many hospitals and practices across such a wide geographic area.
Next we have Edward Mccrondell. I was fortunate to see a note left on your system from him about me today. I will not disclose this note here however it was deeply abusive and insulting. Who does this dickhead think he is? I expect a proper apology from this individual. Another example of St Georges Hospital employing an incapable individual. In fact let us go further the three gentlemen mentioned above really need their P45’s issuing. If they worked for me they would have been fired a long, long time ago.
On the subject of ENT. How do you manage to keep people waiting for so long without any communication. I saw a service delivery manager on Saturday or that’s what his badge said he was? He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sorry a Service Delivery Manager should be properly dressed. What service delivery was he managing? I could not see a service being delivered.
The other week I had to call you out on this very blog about data security. In view of the above I have decided to name and shame this doctor in the Orthopaedic department.  It is Doug Matthews. You can find more information on Doug’s misconduct elsewhere on this blog.
Really, St Georges, what are you playing at? Why do you insist on making so many mistakes?
How do people have any faith in you? What is your problem?
Note to readers just put St Georges into the search facility to see how many times I have had to call out this hospital on this blog.
It is real pity that you have decided to slump back to your old lows in of professionalism or should I say professional misconduct. It is a shame for the residents of south West London as there is no longer a professional hospital left in that sector. The nearest professional outfit is on the Fulham Road or over at Waterloo. Maybe that is what you want for your hospital?
I suggest you change your slogan to “St Georges Hospital  – Putting lives at risk” . Remember I have direct evidence of you doing this!