We all lose things from time to time, but…

Somethings are fast becoming  beyond a joke.
Let’s face it we have all done it. We have all put our wallet or our keys down somewhere and have forgotten where have put them. Indeed I put a packet of cigarettes down earlier and haven’t been able to find them since! That was hours ago! I have had to nip to the shop  for a freashpacket.  Some people are always losing their mobile phones.
On the topic of losing things, Let us think about something bigger now. Something a little bit bigger than car keys or a phone. How about an actual car?! There was this chap who worked for my client back in the day which was a bank in the City of London. He went out on the beers one night after work and got so punch drunk, he called the police the following morning to report his car stolen when he couldn’t see it parked in his drive! He had actually left it parked at the local railway station and said car was safe and sound in the car park! The following Monday morning he had the absolute Mickey ripped out of him by every single one of his departmental colleagues and also by quite a few people that did not work in his department! What a muppet!
Ok. Now let us get even bigger! What about an aeroplane? It is s at this point where I must declare the reason I am writing this blog. I am actually very worried about Airbus, the aeroplane manufacturer. There are a growing number of instances where their aeroplanes just disappear. Ok, so a lot of this is recent. In some cases it’s probably terrorist related and in some cases definitely terrorist related. They seem to have lost 4 or 5 planes in the past few years. Losing, keys, a wallet, a mobile phone or a pack of fags is easy done but these things are a) massive – some might say too big to lose! Or b) worth over $250 million US!. Every time a plane goes missing it seems to be an Airbus plane.  How do you just lose such a valuable asset? The Queen just dosen’t lose throughbred racehorses (apparently they do lose a few races themselves, but that’s another story!). So yes my worry about Airbus is justified if these aeroplanes just keep falling from the sky, how long will it be before the business is devoid of clients and is unviable? The last recession showed us that no business is too big to fail. This is serious stuff, an aeroplane is too big to lose. I also feel sorry for those who have lost family members in these incidents.
Some readers will know  of my previous career and the stupid amounts of flying I did for 15 years. I spent more than a few hours on board Airbus aeroplanes in that time. Even if I am ever medically allowed to fly again. Please for gods sake in view of the recent record will some phone Boeing and get them to send a 737-800 over!