Do you know david?

Do you know David?
If you do then I feel sorry for you. The David in question is a Doctor David Selvadurai. He is an ENT consultant at St Georges Hospital. Though some research suggests he doesn’t give a care in the world for his NHS patients and would rather spend time touring the many private hospitals he works at and collecting fat fees. I have never before met such an arrogant, rude and dismissive individual who refuse to answer simple straight direct questions. Both his manner and method are absolutely deplorable.
St Georges Hospital in Tooting have made real strides recently after several run-ins I had with them in 2013 owing to shocking levels of care and poor treatment. Hell, on a visit yesterday I even saw a cleaner actually doing some cleaning and doing a good job of it!
I seriously hope that Dr Selvadurai just slipped through the HR departments net and this is just a one off as opposed to a return to employing absolute idiots who do not deserve to have a job at that hospital or even a job as a burger flipper in MacDonald’s for that matter. Some may argue that Dr Seladurai should just stick to private patients. My personal opinion is that he dosent even deserve a job at MacDonald’s
If you ever have the pleasure of meeting this person, in my opinion you should do as I am doing now and avoid him like the plague.