February 2016 update

So what has been happening? Well quite a bit really. A few weeks ago I found out that I had not just one just now two stalkers. I have acquired a stake in another company through my office. This little issue gets worse by the day but I will not let that stop me. I am just too awesome! I have availability for new new advisory, trustee and board directorships. I am looking for 2 good size deals in quarter two and three. I have a large number of brokerage positions available. I will be at the Franchise exhibition at the end of this month. I have 2 requirements for property in the North East of England. Project Retail 2018 will have new updates and opportunities available in quarter 2. I am still continually annoyed by twalkers and Brompton Bike riders. On a final note I picked up an iPad recently having sworn that I would never have one and I am really liking it 🙂