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So what happened in 2015?

Many regular readers and old friends have commented that I seem to have taken my foot off the gas in terms of this blog and a few other things. So what has been going on? Well firstly I had to restructure my businesses because I did not have enough time to tend to them all. I have also been spending quite some time here. The next issue came in March when I had a small accident. You can read more about that here. This threw up a few other issues incluing severe arthritis which mean’t I would spend most of the year on crutches. Last week I was able to stick the crutches into storage after a procedure in hospital.Only time will tell if this is a temporary as opposed to a permanent solution. Some of you may also remeber this little issue that reared its ugly head a few years ago and started playing havoc with my hearing. I now wear hearing aids full time. Unfortunately this was the start of something more serious. So there is the answer, unfortunately my time has been taken up with other things.

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