A bastion of the great British High Street gets it badly wrong

Has anyone else noticed that Sainsburys supermarkets or @Sainsburys for those of you very au fait with Twitter, seem to be in a massive habit of getting it wrong recently?
In the past 24 hours I have seen a number of breaches of contract. A deceitful argumentative delivery driver, who managed to break half of my delivery and then slander myself and my partner to a manager at Sainsbury’s. Some idiot contact centre workers who need to learn about contract law and a slanderous lady by the name of Stacey who not only slandered myself and my partner but told me to Piss Off. If you like that sort of abuse I suggest you call Stacey on 0208 9748854 its Option 4.
Sainsburys have told me they are cancelling our account. Well that’s good because customer service has gone so far down the pan they have just lost a customer to Waitrose. I suggest if you value customer service, you abandon this shower and go to Waitrose like me or whichever other competitor brand you prefer.
As for Sainsbury’s themselves. I will see you in Court very soon. I’m suing for the damage you did to my order. I’m suing you for breach of contract and I’m suing two members of your staff for slander. Including the lovely Stacey.
Shame this has to happen to what was once a very strong bastion of our high streets and our retail parks.