Lets talk about twalking.

Yes the disnoble art of “twalking” that is walking along the street whilst concentrating on sending text messages, tweeting or updating ones Facebook status. Some readers know of my health issues which means I now have to walk with crutches permanently. Twalking and twalkers have become such a pain in the proverbial that I have to rant about it here. If I had a Euromillions ticket for every time a twalker had bumped into me in the past 6 months based on the laws of probability I would be hundreds of millions of pounds richer. First off if you twalk and bump into me expect to be told where to get off precisely and in no uncertain terms you are a blithering idiot because you twalk. When you twalk you cannot concentrate on where you are walking. Next the idiots who try and apologise with a half mute sorry. You are only saying sorry because its all you can think of. Mainly women are to blame at this point. Ladies you sound like a four year old schoolgirl apologising for being caught snorting cocaine behind the school bike sheds by the deputy head. For the love of the baby jesus if your text or tweet is that important, get out of the way of everyone else who is trying to go about their business responsibly. Lets face it it probably isn’t very important, but still. Stop and concentrate on your bloody text message and then carry on. Its that simple and will make the streets safer. It amazes me that so many people are so retarded as not to consider this simple step. Please think about what you are doing.