Kingston Hospital – What has happened to it?

I have had a number of reasons to interface with Kingston Hospital recently. I used to slate St Georges Hospital in Tooting a lot but Kingston is fast taking over as the laughing stock of the NHS in South West London. The place is full of people who cannot do their jobs properly. I was written to after an appointment and the member of staff in question said that I agreed to something when in fact I had not! It gets even better. On a previous occasion a consultant who I swear was a seventh day Adventist mixed up his consultation with me to include several way out religious references which I found rather uncomfortable. I also have evidence of this hospital botching a number of operations and giving false advice to patients including myself. I have evidence also of staff in the Emergency Department lying on police statements on more than one occasion. If you complain to the trust they ask you to fill in a diversity questionnaire before they will deal with the complaint. A complaint is a complaint regardless of ethnic origin or any other component of diversity and this to me shows that the trust does not take complaints seriously. The chief Executive was voted as one of the most influential lesbians in the NHS. It is my opinion that she uses this as a smokescreen for crappy management. Furthermore in my opinion she should not be in post and I have said this previously on more than one occasion on these pages. It has gone so far that with the state of my health I am grateful that my own GP has agreed with me that everything Kingston have been asked to do should be re visited by another NHS trust. Being on these premises is a highly uncomfortable experience. I thought it would take an awful lot to depose St Georges Hospital of their top spot as the laughing stock of the NHS in South West London but they have risen to the top spot much in the same way as Manchester United Football Club have fallen from their own grace and lofty heights. I know of a large number of property developers that could have an awful lot of fun with the site on which Kingston Hospital sits and this would in my opinion be a good thing for the local community and for South West London at large. In my opinion avoid this place at all costs.