Letter to Lizzie

Some readers will be well aware that I took a serious fall the other day and ended up in hospital. Many will not be aware of the actual circumstances of the fall. I was walking across a busy road in London, talking on the mobile when two diplomatic police motorcycle outriders appeared from nowhere and I fell getting out of their way. Yes I know some of this was my fault! However the “diplomatic” vehicle that was following was none other than this one. Carrying none other than the Queen herself. She was on her way to Battersea Dogs Home. 2002_Bentley_State_LimousineNow I like a good laugh so me and the lads decided to crib together a letter regarding this is time honoured comedic fashion. So here goes. HM Queen Buckingham Palace, Dear Lizzie, Just a quick note to say than you to you and you police flunkies for putting me in hospital the other day near Victoria Station when I had to dodge out of the way of police motorcycles accompanying your limo. I gather you were visiting Battersea Dogs Home. I hope your visit to Fergie and Camilla was a pleasant one! Like you I support british business so I am handing the compo claim over to Claims Direct which you will agree are a fine upstanding british firm. They will be in touch soon and I believe The Daily Sport want an interview. Hope that helps Love and kissees šŸ™‚