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LinkedIn – Grrrrr :(

So I have been using LinkedIn quite a bit recently in aid of some research I am doing for a very important project that The Investment Network has on its books at the moment. I was disappointed to learn earlier that LinkedIn thinks I have breached limits on commercial usage and that I am either prospecting or using LinkedIn for recruiting purposes. I am actually doing neither. Talking to other people and doing some reasearch it actually seems that linkedin are desperate for people to pay to use it. In the UK this can be anywhere from £20 – £80 per month. LinkedIn will not publish their limits.Various sources say its between 40 and 60 per month.

This means that people like me cannot plan their work or their usage of this relevant tool for research or any other purposes. Indeed I missed an enquiry from a group post because I hit this limit. This could have been worth £7k in turnover.

I know that any business wants income but I do feel LinkedIn are pushing the envelope here. If they push it too far it is im my opinion possible that LinkedIn days could be numbered. After all there are a number of talented software developers out there that have the ability and tennacity if maybe not the available time to craft a competitor tool.



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