Sir Michael's Pontifications

Sir Michael Wilshaw regularly pontificates on the subject of Education and standards and so he should as he is the head of Ofsted. However he does appear to be marking his own homework just a little. In very recent dealings regarding a school which his own organisation rates as “requiring improvement” I have met with a barrage of call centre type workers who when you try and talk to them on the telephone have little or no interest in education or the pupils they are trying to assist in educating. Trying to get action from these over defensive service shy and presumably delivery shy yokels is an absolute pain. Sir Michael may well have been a crack hot headteacher but he clearly is not in control of an organisation that should be inspecting schools, in fact they are preventing going out and inspecting schools. I used to fix computers for a living that means actually fixing a broken machine – not inventing excuses on the fly as to why I cannot do it. This means that Sir Michael needs to get a grip on his organisation, stop pontificating in the media and actually inspect schools. I have direct evidence that Auriol school in Surrey is directly failing pupils and failing to teach them correctly, especially with regards to mathematics. Ofsted rated this school as requiring improvement. In fact in 2013 this school had two inspections within 8 weeks of each other! This school is one of the worst I have come across and as the father of an 8 year old daughter who unfortunately attends this school ( my ex-wifes decision unfortunately ) I do have quite an interest in education and read and research regularly on the topic. This school requires special measures or closing down urgently, but do Ofsted staff want to do it? No. Ofsted say they are based in Manchester. They could drive to this school in under 3 hours and sort it out and still be home in time to watch a midweek game of footy on the telly. Come on boys a long day at work doing something constructive is really not that difficult! As for Sir Michael, he has got get off the media channels and pay more attention to what goes on at the factory. If he can’t shape up his organisation then he should ship out and he should be fairly expeditious about it!