The IT Industry, What has happened to it?

I spent a great number of years in the IT trade and occasionally get called back in as a consultant. I now run a small business brokerage and small business consultancy. I am amazed by the way things have changed and the way customer and the trade itself has changed. In the mid to late 90’s. IT departments were treated with general disdain by the colleagues for example in finance or sales. Fast forward some what and things have changed immensely. The younger entrants to the trade from university are now coming in as junior project managers taking a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude to experienced hires and bringing with them buckled shoes and a seriously bad hair gel addiction. Younger IT managers are also created in the same mode. Suppliers are over selling to their clients and the sales managers will not listen to experienced consultants for love nor money. It gets even worse. The industry is now taking a F*** Y** stance to everything in its path in my opinion. Some critical examples: 2 years ago. IT director says “I googled it”. Me:Trust me it won’t work. Him: Do it the way Google says. Me:Ok, have it your way! Him: Why hasn’t it worked? Me: I told you it would not work! Last year I was in a meeting with an IT Director and a sales director for a large IT provider. When asked a question about pricing the sales director told the IT director, quite openly to “go f*** himself”. Early this year. An account manager told me he wanted 5 days work delivered in two, because he told the client it was achievable without consulting a technical authority! And now for the worst one. A video clip came into my possession yesterday that showed three IT engineers from a large London NHS trust who were supposed to be on call, getting drunk at a Christmas party and ignoring an emergency call bleeper 3 times! You cannot take an emergency call whilst under the influence. These systems are there to save peoples lives and those on call are responsible for those systems whilst they are on call. I not alone in having left the IT industry. I have a number of good friends who I worked with in the trade who have also left. I am saddened that this is the legacy we left behind after years of delivering experience and professional expertise in tricky and demanding situations. The industry has damaged itself not just internally bit externally as well and those who cared enough for it not to happen have tried, failed, and become so disheartened they have either left or are considering leaving. Many who are leaving or have left including myself have also left because the industry has taken a toll on their health. Every experienced hire I speak to who has left the trade tells me they have no regrets about leaving and say “they should have done it years ago”. An industry cannot improve when all of the experience is jumping ship at an alarming rate. Bringing in new young blood will not fix the situation. It is a sad day when I feel compelled to write a blog like this. It had to happen I for one wish that the trade will in time repair itself both internally and externally.