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Annual Awards 2014

Following on from last year, I have decided to do the same again and dish out my own annual awards. At this point I apologise for the fact that this post is more of an essay than a blog. Outstanding Excellence of the year award Derek the cabbie wins this one, to be fair he was in with a shout last year as well. The amount of scrapes and tight situations Derek has got me out of make him the most worthy recipient. Car of the year Range Rover Evoque. I have developed quite a sweet spot for the cars, they can handle well and go quick. A very good piece of kit. A well deserved award. A special mention goes to the Mercedes E-Class a from the point of view of being driven in one at high speed while highly stressed. A second special mention in a row! Airline of the year I never thought this would happen but EasyJet win airline of the year! They do actually deserve it 24 flights with them 20 were early. 2 bang on time and 2 late. These have seriously got their act together. Hotel of the year Hotel Angelo, Prague are the winners, a great designer hotel with competitive rates in a good part of Prague. I spent 2 months living out of this hotel at the start of this year. I also like the way I can roll out of a taxi after the late flight from London and into the check in queue at about 10pm, the barman catches the fact that I have arrived and immediately sets about pouring me a late beer which is ready once I have finished checking in! Very well deserved! A special mention does go to Hotel Seattle in Brighton for the second year in a row. Car hire Hertz win this one, again. I can’t believe it award! This one goes to Tesco. How could they screw it all up?? I cried into my coffee award The collapse and fall of Motor Boats Monthly gets this. Another nail in the coffin for those of us who are passionate about boats. Tech Kit Awards No change from Last year really Biggest Surprise: Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Customer Service, Lenovo. They are beating everyone else hands down at the moment. Software: Owncloud. A great private cloud alternative to the usual freemium services. Biggest disappointment: Apple. Going down the pan fast. Old values seem to be failing fast now. Hack: Cyanogen Mod: How to breathe new life into an old android tablet device! Pub of the year award The Hand and Racket pub in Wimbledon are this years very worthy winners. This is a great pub run by a very good team. Corporate idiots award For the second year in a row. The Child Support Agency. When will you ever learn to talk properly, answer questions properly and honestly and stop talking to a script that makes you looks like a corporate version of the Goonies?! Plonkers of the year Kingston Hospital. Incompetent staff, who tell lies and fabricate the truth and are generally clueless led by an incompetent and inept chief executive, who clearly is out of her depth and should not be in post.. Laugh of the year Manchester United FC. I never wet my self laughing so much in the course of a football season! Lifetime award for utter incompetence and complete spastication I have had to issue another of these this year. The winner is Kingston Police Station. Inept and incompetent. Never seen so much incompetence within the Metropolitan Police or any other police force for that matter. The Metropolitan police have a department for professional standards. They need to sort Kingston out because there are no professionalism and no standards at this police station. A waste of taxpayers money and a shoddy understanding of law complete the mix. They are therefore the most worthy winners of this award.