Microsoft Surface Review

About a month ago it became apparent that some of my kit may need to be redeployed at short notice for a very important need. This would mean that I would need to acquire a new small laptop fairly sharpish. Taking a walk around PC World (Yes, I know with my background in the IT trade I should know of better places top go! I was however in a hurry and the original plan was to buy a Lenovo netbook) I spotted a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet for only £249.99. I played with it and thought that for the discount it was going to be a good deal. I bought the keyboard case for it as well. I did this on the basis that if I did not get on with it, it would be sold on eBay sharpish.
Three days later saw me heading off to Spain for a holiday. I brought this device along and I am glad I did. I have some fairly hefty spreadsheets I use from work and these could be a pain on my Samsung Galaxy Tab because of a lack of macro support. Any way I got a call from London regarding work that required me to get some figures checked, so I grabbed the Surface 2 and headed for a bar that had wi-fi. I logged in and retrieved the spreadsheet expecting a little aggro, but no it performed flawlessly, a quick phone call to London and 10 minutes later the issue had been resolved.  Thanks to the surface I was enjoying a beer and catching some sunshine.
As I have for the most part left the IT trade (I still do a little IT consultancy) I no longer need some of the software and tools I have on the laptops and as I now have desktops with large screens I have little need for a full blown laptop and the Surface is proving ideal. The only thing that is letting it down at the moment is a lack of Microsoft Publisher. I use Publisher a lot these days for creating prospectuses and this is a little drawback for me.
So the verdict? The Surface has proved itself after a month of ownership and shown that it is more than capable of earning its keep. It won’t be going on eBay anytime soon!