A fashion trend that worries me

For many years I have traveled extensively and worked in many of Europe’s major cities. I have also done my fair share of commuting from the home counties into the centre of London. One fashion trend that surfaced in very late nineties was that of women wearing trainers such as Nike Air Max with a business suit for the daily commute on the tube. On some women it is quite attractive and hell if it stops every woman I come into contact with complaining that her feet hurt, well that’s a damn good thing. What I have seen commuting into London more recently is very worrying. Men wearing trainers with suits. I’m sorry this is plain wrong and images such as the one below worry me. And gentlemen the older you are wearing trainers with a suit, to me the more of an image you give off to me of being either a pervert or a danger to the community!Running-Sneakers-Men-5So top fashion tip gents, do as I do. Leave the house smartly dressed and when wearing a suit wear a decent pair of shoes such as these. loakeshoesThe advantages are firstly that you will look smart and secondly that if you bump into me I will not wet myself laughing at you!