Alan was burgled on Friday

Alan Stevens is a business associate of mine, I know him through various business groups I am a member of and he is very well known for the support and input he beings to these groups and is in my opinion a top bloke. Anyway he was burgled on Friday and the scum that did this took some unique and prized possessions that were handed down to him from his father. The link to Alan’s blog is here. The kit mentioned is very important to him and the links and memories he has with his father. In the messages Alan has traded on Facebook, on his blog and elsewhere its my opinion that the loss of this most unique kit has cut him up more than the burglary itself. Burglary is a sad thing to happen to anyone. I have been through through it a few times. So what is the purpose of this blog? Well its simple. I would like everyone of the 3,000 unique visitors a year to this blog to share, tweet,re-blog and what ever else the link to this blog and the link to Alan’s blog. In the hope that in time he can be reunited with this unique camera kit that was handed down from father to son. Alan is a top bloke. I am happy to help him and hope the readers of these pages will do so too. Thank you all in advance. Court