April 2014 update

So what has been happening recently? Well, quite a few good things actually! I have finally managed to get rid of the bane of my life and cause of a few health issues that is known as incessant international travel. I do not want to see the inside of an airport or aircraft every Monday morning or Friday night ever again and so far its all looking good. 🙂 I am still doing some IT consultancy from time to time, while I build up The Investment Network. This business is doing well so far with over 100 business and investment oppportunities available along with over 50 blogs and advice papers with more coming soon. If I can be of any help on either front please do let me know. The website is going from strength to strength in terms of new visitors and hit rate. I have also restarted a project I started last year to write a book but I had to abandon this owing to various issues. I am hoping to get this published beforre the end of the year. It will be available in all electronic formats and in paper copy as well. The paper version looks like it might have to be highly priced but I know the electronic versions will be as cheap as chips. There are few other projects in the pipeline which I hope to be able to write more about soon. Some more exciting news will be announced shortly as well 🙂