So what does the tech expert do?

I was chatting to a mate of mine the other day who also runs a small business. The question he asked me was this: “What does a tech expert use to run his business?” I thought I would transpose my lengthy answer which was delivered over two pints of London Pride into a blog. So here goes. Phones I use an iPhone 4s and a Blackberry Curve to have two mobile lines. I am actually not happy these days with either phone and will soon be ditching one of my lines. I will not be replacing the Blackberry. I will replace the iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy S4. Tablet – I’m very happy with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Especially since I installed Cyanogen on it. Laptops 3 of em! 1x Toshiba with a 15.6 screen that never leaves the house. A great Lenovo with a 12.5 screen and an Acer Netbook which provides sterling service when I am travelling. I like to travel as light as possible and the Acer works a treat. Usual configuration on all over these is Windows 7, Office 2010 and Adobe CS5 along with a few techie tools. I swear by Firefox as a browser. I swear by SanDisk for all memory cards and memory sticks. I have a stack of Excel spreadsheets for bookkeeping statistical analysis and complex calculations such as valuations and complex environment sizing. I have a backup to My office that runs Portable Apps. This a great tool for creating an office on a memory stick :- ) Online tools I keep a lot of stuff in the Cloud. Here’s the real good stuff that I use.

  • Piwik – I use this for monitoring my websites.
  • Gmail – I divert most of my email addresses here.
  • V Tiger – I use this for customer management.
  • Squirrel Mail – I use this for webmail on 1 domain.
  • Net2Ftp – Excellent web based ftp tool.
  • Tiki Wiki – Use this a information dump works really well
  • Owncloud – Great tool with fantastic plugins. Eats Dropbox for breakfast!
  • Seopanel – Excellent web based tool for monitoring search engine exposure
  • WordPress – I love WordPress for creating websites in fact nearly all of my sites now are on WordPress. I used to swear by Joomla but WordPress is now so much the better tool.

So there we have it a quick overview of what the expert chooses.