Unite The union – Now you are taking the mickey!

Yet again I am amazed by the brass neck of Unite The Union. I wish to thank The Daily Mail for bringing this little gem to my attention.
The article describes a left wing teaching pack drawn up by Unite and the teaching unions showing teachers how to teach children my daughters age how to strike, show dissent to their elders and betters and much much more. This is wrong.
Len McCluskey and his organisation have been disruptive enough to me over the years, I suspect Len and his cronies won’t remember the amount of times his Striking members who are also British Airways employees left me stranded at some airport and unable to get home to read my daughter a bedtime story. I certainly remember the swipe card Fiasco, Len!
Lets review an exceprt from the pack:

  • “When they fail, lesson plans prepared by Unite urge teachers to think about how they might make protests more threatening.
  • Children are asked to think of ‘five things you could do to push the protest further.’
  • They are then urged to make their own placards and ‘consider emotive language used to write letters of complaint’.
  • Unite also recommends that ‘teachers may wish to create a display of finished protest placards’.
  • Incredibly, the union also wants children to undermine the authority of their headteachers.
  • Staff following Unite’s guidance should ask pupils to ‘Think of anything that is unfair in your school. Does anyone make the rules to suit themselves?’”

As a father of a six year old daughter I am more than incensed by this move.I take a very close interest in education these days and actually do care about it as a subject. School teaching is being dumbed down every day no doubt by the teaching unions. In my opinion Ofsted do not seem to have enough power. It seems to me that every time one of Len McCluskey’s cronies, Christine Blowjob Blower  opens her mouth she undermines education governance in this country. How dare they try and influence children in this country in this way. Most children are being incorrectly taught anyway without this. Why not implore teachers to teach correctly in the first place.
Indeed in view of this I implore all teachers to do something constructive with the teaching time that this waste of space teaching pack will take up, such as teaching pupils 100 popular sentences in Swahili, a far more useful and important life skill.
I must pop in a small note to Ewell Grove School. Your school is one whose teaching I am totally unimpressed with. If I ever find out one of your staff has shown my daughter this material, I will, without fail ensure that all members of your staff and governing body will a) be dismissed and b) never get another job again. Including flipping burgers in McDonalds! You have been warned.