All Hail Derek The Cabbie!

I have had numerous occasions to use black London Taxis over the past couple of weeks and I hasten to add spent quite a bit of money on them too. So why I am I praising them now? Firstly it is really customary in London to strike up a conversation with the cabbie they will always try and strike it up first. The good thing here is that mostly they share the same disparaging views as me about the Milliband Brothers and Ed Balls. (Why they were not shot at birth we will never know!) Secondly they can get their way out of a traffic jam like no ones business and if I had been paying more attention I might have gained more tips than I have. These guys know everywhere and every trick in the book. Believe me! Thirdly. when you politely mention as I have had to do often because things are very time sensitive that “I need to be there sooner than the soonest thing mate” they use this as a license to create merry hell on the streets of London with aplomb for your benefit and they like you know it! See my second point above. They enjoy every second and do it so it with a sense of good humour and showmanship that knows no bounds! Lastly. I have very quickly got onto first name terms with many of these drivers who do a difficult job. Nine times out of ten there is one similarity. Their name is Derek! I’m serious!. These guys do a fantastic job and have pulled so many stunts out of the bag for me in the past few weeks. Its raise for me to praise people on the pages so for all the “Derek the Cabbie’s” out there, a superbly well done from me! All hail Derek the Cabbie whoever you are!