Two nights ago, a nurse called VAL had to change my stoma bag, l should explain that a stoma bag is a bag that collects excrement from the bowel after a major operation, non of the night nurses like to change these bags and will do everything to avoid changing them. She left me waiting for 45 minutes before changing the bag at which time l was screaming in pain as it had already been changed 5 times that day and the skin around the stoma resembled raw meat! (Imagine pouring acid on your skin and you would be close to the pain l felt), after 15 minutes of me crying out in pain she decided to give me some morphine for the pain. Two hours later the bag leaked again but instead of changing it, she patched it up with tape and did the same again an hour later when it leaked again. The first time it leaked the nurse just put a sheet over my bed to cover the stain from the leak, the second time it leaked she ignored it and at 6am when the bag leaked beyond repair, she left me lying in it until the day shift started work and left it to them to change it! Last night VAL was working again but thank god l didn’t have any problems with my stoma leaking but that is probably due to her waking me up every 1-2 hours to remind me to empty the bag. However, in my ward is a little old lady called Margaret who is 82 years old. Margaret was uncomfortable in her bed and couldn’t sleep, so she rang for a nurse to help move her up her bed. A little while later she rang again as she was still uncomfortable but the nurse told her to settle down as she was disturbing the rest of us. On my 3 trip to the bathroom last night l noticed that Margaret was distressed and asked her what was wrong, she said she was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep but the nurses wouldn’t help her, in fact they had taken her bell from her so she couldn’t disturbed the nurse anymore. I went to the nurses station to say Margaret needed help and was told that she was just restless because she couldn’t sleep and to ignore her! Once again l would like to point out that this lady is 82 years old, we are in the middle of a heat wave, she doesn’t have a fan and is starting to show the first signs of bed sores! St Georges, the “Couldn’t give a dam” hospital!