So here is the latest installment of life as a patient at St Georges Hospital.

I currently have a suction vacuum on a wound that has split open and a stomach bag (which is part of my intestine tied outside my body on my abdomen. Because l was rushed I to hospital, the vacuum wound and the stomach bag are only a few millimeters apart and so the dressings for both wounds overlap each other. This usually means, when one needs changing, so does the other. Last night the vacuum started to leak air so instead of changing the whole dressing, they put some more tape over the area and l was told to lie still until morning. At 8pm the night shift came on duty and were told this. Then at 9.30pm my stoma bag decided to leak poo from the bag. I was told to change the stoma bag on my own and they would. Come and see to the vacuum dressing, however, by the time l had changed the stoma bag, the staff nurse decided to cover the vacuum wound with more tape and again told me to lie still. At 10.00pm my stoma bag leaked poo again but this time the staff nurse decided to attach a stoma bag with a tap on it that allowed the poo to drain into a larger bag, she said this would allow me a good night sleep and that if the bag got too full, it would simply drain into the second bag (more like l wouldn’t disturb her!). Again more tap was put over the vacuum would to stop any air leaking out. I managed to have a pretty peaceful sleep but when l woke up at 5.45am, the stoma bag had burst leaving poo all over my bed, pillows, my clothes and me! I was so upset by this, the staff nurse said that l should again change my stoma bag myself, and she would come and change the vacuum dressing. I had run out of dressings for the stoma bag and was bursting to go to the toilet, so l went to the loo but when l came back, the staff nurse had changed my bed sheets but nothing else and then disappeared again, l was left to lie in my own poo, in pain and without any dressings until the night staff handed over to the day staff at 8.15am! I was so upset l said to her, “where have you been, l’ve been sitting here in my own poo since 6am waiting for you help me”. She said she was sorry but she had other patients to look after! My doctor had come in at the beginning of this conversation and ripped into the incompetent staff sister, ordering one of the other nurses to clean me up whilst she laid into the staff nurse. After everyone had gone, the staff nurse came to my bed trying to grovel to me and explain her actions. A little while later one of the day shift nurses popped her head around the curtain at my bed to ask if the patient in the next bed to me had received her medication last night because the incompetent staff nurse had not signed it off and she had now gone home!