St Georges Hospital – Again!

Regular reader of this section will no doubt recount this run in with St Georges Hospital in tooting about a year ago. Well since then I have had another few run ins mainly within the last six weeks or so. So have things changed for the better? In a word. No. The staff seem to be totally disinterested in good communication and manners. Decisions are made one moment and retracted the next team members and colleagues who should know what is going on with a patient evidently do not. Trying to get straight answers to straight questions is absolutely impossible. I actually wonder if they realise the effect this has. I wonder if management realise what their staff are doing or maybe they do and actually approve of it! If you want to feel like you have disturbed a member of staff from completing the Daily Mirror crossword section then I suggest that all you need to do is call their central telephone number on 020 8672 1255 and ask to speak to an operator. If you try this I am sure you will agree with me that the attitude is hardly a welcoming first impression. Oh and one other thing St Georges. Hire some decent cleaners. The place is filthy.