HS2 and Heathrow Airport – My opinion

Was having a debate with a mate the other niight about HS2 and why it should not go ahead. Well here is my view. We have good links to Birmingham already we have a train service that completes the trip in just under 90 minutes and the wonderful M40 motorway to travel between London and Birmingham. Yes the second of these can become heavily congested because of people who cannot drive properly! No one really has good enough reason to want to undertake the journey in less than 49 minutes. However people are struggling to get into and out of the country on legitimate business. That is why we need an extra runway and terminal at Heathrow Airport. Why is Schipol in Holland so successful? Answer. They have the space and the runways. None of us have seen the new Heathrow T2 yet but given what they have had to work with I cannot imagine much of an improvement. T1 is asking to be demolished and don’t get me started on T3 or T4. They have done quite a good job on T5 but more still needs to be done. Any other new airport that is built or even extended will be too far from the constituency it needs to serve the most the Centre and City of London and no fancy train scheme in my opinion will help matters. I’m not sure why we are bothering with the train when the airport needs so much doing to it. A hub airport in Kent isn’t going to work either.