Sealine Boats

I was very sorry to learn earlier today that Sealine the boatbuilders had gone into administration. As someone sho can proudly list “mucking about with boats” as one of his hobbies, I have known about Sealine and their work for a number of years, several of their smaller vessels spring to mind. Indeed I am still in the market for an S240 instead of a Fairline Targa 29 which I cannot afford!
It is a sad day unfortunately the smaller boats have been out of production a long time as manufacturers seem to prefer bigger margins from fewer sales of much larger craft some of these costing the buyer over £1 million.
This does mean that the purveyor of the smaller craft gets squeezed out with less competition and fewer options to call on. I am sorry that such an iconic boatbuilder appears to be no more. I do hope someone snaps them up.
Now if the Administrators are reading this and they want to let the S240 moulds go cheap, coupled with someone offering manufacturing space, a few good hands and a stack of Volvo Penta engines going cheap, all coming along at once! I am sure this would lead to me reaching for the capable combination of Bank Manager, Lawyer, Accountant, Spreadsheets and Marketing Plan!
Alas I think I may just have to say farewell to Sealine and remember the many hours of fun I had aboard their craft.
For now. RIP Sealine!