How Starbucks lost a valued customer

starbucksphoto1 Visited my local Starbucks an hour ago. Usually the source of a good latte. However this one I was quite disgusted with. Look at the photo below. I know they now like to ask for your name at Starbucks and that most of their staff cannot spell any name let alone my own correctly. But this is taking the outright piss. I was with my 6 year old daughter who now knows the word cunt. This is improper behaviour from a major multinational company. You might not like your customers but this is not the way to go about expressing your views be that of an employee or a corporate standpoint. I use Starbucks for meetings when i’m on the road quite a lot. I will tell you now that for this function you are being replaced by Costa Coffee! Final word of advice Starbucks! Customers vote with their wallets!