Metropolitan Police

The other day I was waiting outside my local station for someone to arrive and meet me after getting off a train. I was astounded to see a marked police car pull up and park on double yellow lines without the blues and two’s blaring. This I believe is illegal. The occupants, 3 uniformed police officers then proceeded into Starbucks and after purchasing coffee, sat around for 5 minutes before returning to their car. I must be only one that is appalled by this behaviour. I am being asked to pay more money every year in taxes to pay their wages and this is how they waste the time I am paying for. They clearly were not interested in doing any work whilst on shift or if they were it clearly did not show. London is awash with criminals that police officers are employed to catch. Their wages are payed for by myself and others and yet this is the respect they show for their paymasters. You and me. I dont pay my own staff to sit in Starbucks all day long, so why should I pay for them to do so? Polite notice to these officers. I want more value for money. Catch more criminals and stop dossing in Starbucks! Oh and observe double yellow lines like the rest of us do.