Mobile Technology has it got better or has it got worse. Part One

I have been a heavy user of mobile technology for 16 years and recently got thinking as to whether or not the technology has got better or worse by examining the kit I have been using for the past 16 years. 1997-2002. The Psion Years During this period I think pretty much followed the majority of the market. My primary device was a Psion 3c for the most part until it got stolen These were pretty cool devices with good built in apps and ran for a month on 2 AA batteries. This I backed up with a pretty standard for the time Nokia 6150.This was a fairly good and rugged pairing for a while until the Psion 3c was replaced with a Psion 5mx and another standard business issue Nokia mobile phone. This ended its life falling out of a coat pocket as the coat was removed from an airline overhead locker at Dublin Airport. A sad day. The Psion kit was hard and rugged, earned it spurs and the kit led a hard life. It is also worth noting that I worked for Psion for a while in back in 1997. Palm. 2002 – 2006 Psion had seriously lost their way at this point and were headed firmy down the road marked obscurity and their product lines becoming obselete. Palm had moved in and were here to stay. A series of palm devices followed. Along with the trusty Nokia and a back up mobilephone. Often a Nokia 9 series such this one: I have always favoured the 2 device approach and wasn’t going to change anytime soon so I had a string of palm devices. These were pretty good business devices and served me well, although PC syncing and the diary application had their little quirks. The Tungsten T3 was cool and led a hard life until they brought out a very cool device called the Lifedrive. It had 4Gb internal storage and doubled as an extension of my Ipod. This however was not cool as it looked and had several reliability issues. This I think is where it all started to go seriously wrong with secondary mobile devices for a while. I will cover this in the next bit.